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Tankless Water Heater Installation – Placement, Valves, and Unions

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Tankless Water Heater Installation – Placement, Valves, and Unions

Posted By Sean Hannity

Once you get everything  wound down hand tight which is your unit  everything looks clean everything is  where you want it now you’ll take your  wrench and you can snug each connection  up I’ll start with the far side get this  one  let’s be super tight just good and snug  you can feel it now if you want to I’m  gonna go ahead and show you on a backup  if you’re gonna back this up you can  back it up with a set of chanteys a  little tighter you can bottom it out  nice and tight channel locks back up  nice and now we’re installed tied in  completed ready to roll now in this case  I’ve got to turn the main water on.

I  would be turning this valve on to  activate the unit that’s unit off right  now so if we’re gonna activate we would  just pull this valve into the run  position pull this valve into the run  position and now we’re operational there  we get into our operation instructions  as far as how does this thing work well  right now you’ve got this handle is in  the run position if you look closely at  the valve you’ll notice there’s a word  run on the valve itself that word run is  just telling you it’s confirming to you  this is in the correct position it also  has an arrow showing you the direction  of flow so your direction of flow is  coming into the unit because this is  your inlet for your tankless water heater home depot unit then you’ll notice this  third symbol here right in the center  which is basically a representation of  the ball inside of here telling you the  telling you what is flowing and what is  not flowing and showing you.

Where your  inlets and outlets are basically the  ball inside of this one is it telling  you direction as low as going this  direction the ball is in a position to  where it has an open on the backside but  not on the front side so that tells you  this front side is closed and there’s no  flow on it which is exactly what you  want same thing with the hot but the hot  is reversed because it is an outlet so  the water flow on this one is coming out  of the unit flowing through and here’s  your arrow and here’s your little word  run again jumps out at you in the run  position so you can read it very clearly  now again you have your position of the  ball and again the ball is showing you  that.

I have flow coming this way plus we  have pressure on this valve which we  need to have because that’s the safety  valve so  when it’s operating that is necessary  that you have pressure there now if we  want to go into a flush position we  wanted a service unit first thing we do  is confirm it’s in the run position and  gently take apart one of these caps and  there may be a little bit of water in  there but in this case there isn’t you  drop that down do the same thing with  your cold again aware there may be a  little bit of water in there and we’re  cleaned so that comes off now you take  your hoses and you simply have to  regular washing machine hoses is all you  need these ones are stainless steel  they’re steel braided a little nicer but  again it doesn’t really matter rubber  ones are fine on like this on and again  these you want to make sure these are  good and snug and they have a hose  washer in there a gasket it should keep  it fairly watertight so you get very  minimal amount of leakage off of it but  you dump those into your bucket and from  there now the only thing left to do is  turn it into a flush position so to do  that.

What you’re going to do is you’re  going to turn your hold position hold  valve first pull it up into the flush  position where you read the word flush  and now what is done is it’s shut off  the flow of water going in so there’s no  flow coming from here into the unit and  it’s allowing all the water to leak out  or drip out or run out through this  little line here the hose down into your  bucket now you’ll do the same thing with  the hot side turn it to the flush  position that now reduces or eliminates  the flow out of the unit and takes  everything that’s inside the unit allows  to flow out through this hose right down  into your bucket and that is the  position you will leave it in through  the entire flush operation okay now our  unit is all tied in back in back on line  ready to work the connections.

That we’ve  done here this is flex connections that  we’ve used on this they’re very simple  very easy you they can look clean but  they’re not the most professional the  most aesthetically pleasing that you  would get like out of a commercial  system sometimes you might be required  to do what’s called a hard plumbing  connection and a hard plumbing  connection most of the time you’re going  to be using what’s called a Union  fitting Union fittings are okay and they  have their use and their approve  concealed spaces or non concealed spaces  and they’re very quite popular fitting  but a better fitting that’s out there is  called a left-right connector or a union  alternative basically this is a new fit  II that’s an exclusive by Charmin this  particular fitting it works like the  old-school left-right nipple and  coupling a lot of you older plumbers  might be familiar with this particular  fitting basically is the same thing as  the left right nipple and coupling but  it’s a lot more versatile it’s made out  of brass it’s approved separator for  dissimilar metals it’s approved to  install on concealed spaces.

It  transitions you from threads to left or  it finishes you from a sweat to a left  and they give you your breakaway you can  also use a reduced juicer in there as  well and incorporate that with the same  fitting so it’s like a multifunctional  fitting that gives you all of the  ability that you would have had with the  old school left right nipple and  coupling but a lot more versatility  because it worked with many other things  it’s IAP moe approved has a UPC stamp  UMC stamp is on that I out my website  evaluations zero one four nine if you  want to read up more on and as an  exclusive fitting available through  Charmin very good fitting very  tight-fitting if you’re gonna do a hard  piping this is definitely the pipe the  fitting we would recommend to you well  with that said I’m gonna go ahead and  let you get off that hot shower I know  you’re dying to get into since we’ve  gone through all this hard work of  figuring out to install our unit so  thank you for staying with us enjoy your  day have a great one and enjoy those  long hot showers.

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Guidelines To Constructing an Ideal Soak Pit Toilet


Guidelines To Constructing an Ideal Soak Pit Toilet

Posted By Sean Hannity

When it comes to installing a toilet or where to buy a toilet, we should take care of different things. Today we are going to share all of them. I while the access to drinking water has improved over the years in India the progress with regard to sanitation has been slow but in urban and rural areas one-third of India still defecates in the open so the toilet model is popular for multiple reasons its most affordable it costs 150 USD which is 10 times more cost-effective.

Then the next best alternative the septic tank Moreover in the absence of a city level sewage system the so quit model is also the only affordable choice that could be conveniently connected to the sewage system once it is laid in addition soap pits can be built and repaired with locally available materials and require small amount of land space a soft width is a covered porous wall chamber that allows water to slowly soak into the ground.

Most widely used in poorer parts of India it is used for wastewater management and disposal the soak pit is packed with coarse rocks and gravel the rocks and gravel prevent the walls from collapsing at the same time provide adequate space for the wastewater,

However, there are potential risks that construction of soap in toilets may entail due to spatial constrain many a-times soak pits are constructed very near to the source of drinking water to prevent this households may want to consider constructing quasi-public toilets which are at a reasonable distance from the source this open depth should be restricted to about seven feet on an average the exact safe depth to be to prevent groundwater contamination needs to be worked out contingent too,

The local water table and soil type in that area different NGOs government agencies should collaborate to prepare disseminate and enforce guidelines regarding the ad with distance location and depth of the so quits formalizing the technical guidelines for so quit construction should serve as a useful base for implementing further projects you .

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Eemax Electric Tankless Water Heater

Posted By Sean Hannity

The sale of  tankless water heaters has reached a very high number per year. It is somewhere around 1.7 billion USD. Everybody is changing their old tank based water heaters to tankless water heaters. The American tankless water heater market is growing from 5-10% to 20%. The former represents the gas tankless water heaters, while the latter represents electric tankless water heaters. The EEmax company was founded in 1988 and started with a line of products consisting in best tankless water heaters.

Today, EEmax also has an impressing line of tankless water heaters which is divided in commercial tankless water heaters and residential water heaters. The commercial water heaters manufactured by EEmax are: single lavatory, multiple lavatory, kitchen and bar sink, dishwasher booster, commercial booster which provides 2 gallons per minute. Industrial capacity comes in 3 sizes: first one provides 5 gallons per minute, the second one provides 12 gallons per minute and the third one provides 25 gallons per minute, single shower providing 3 gallons per minute, dual shower as high as 5 gallons per minute, mop and utility sink.

The residential tankless water heaters are: single lavatory hand washing, kitchen and bar sink, multiple lavatory, dishwasher booster, tub or shower booster (series 2 which provides 3 gallons per minute), tub or shower booster (series 3 which gives an impressing 5 gallons per minute), solar backup booster (series 2 providing 3 gallons per minute), solar backup booster (series 3 which provides 5 gallons per minute), shower wand, single shower for an apartment or a condo (with the power of 3 gallons per minute) and whole house.

Now that you know the line of products, actually what the line of products is for, it has become easier for you to choose the model you want. EEmax sells most of its products through plumbing distributors and wholesalers in the United States of America. You can find all details on the EEmax website. The warranty for the EEmax tankless water heaters is for 1 year if a mechanical or electric failure happened because of bad manufacturing. You get a 5 year warranty for leaks or defects that might appear.

Finally, you can choose one of EEmax’s products, I’m sure you will find the right one, because they have a big variety of products, which suit all needs. So if you want instant and endless hot water get your tankless water heater now!

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What Should You Do When Feel “LAZY” Updating Blog

Posted By Sean Hannity

I, you, as a human, must have experienced “LAZY” in the spirit where we face unstable situation and declining. Sometimes the spirit can be up and down including updating the blog. Well, if you reach the level where we feel lazy updating blog below are things I usually do to avoid feeling lazy, so I still update my blog.

I know that the update blog is a requirement in order to maintain blog in order to provides latest and accurate information and provide benefits to many people, the internet users. And here you are:

Blog walking and Internet surfing. By doing this, I will get many new ideas that might be to this blog. Remember, your blog is the best ever in the world for a combination of different ideas that can be either in the form of template or content that would be unique. You may steal fantastic great ideas from other.

Upgrade and beautify blog design. I consider making any adjustment here and there to beautify blog design or template. I also need to think about the lay out or enhance the blog template as a value-added, increase exchange of links in, change the form of a letter, so it will reduce the fed and boring. Blog design is not the most important for a blog, but it does not mean that I don’t need to get my blog template look tidy and good in view.

Re-review the old posts. It is a good idea to review old post and re-read I did a bit updating if necessary. No harm. I add or reduce the content to be updated according to the development of the present so then posting will be more perfect. If you believe, I can only laugh when reading this old post again because I can compare the quality with the recent posts as the day, the better. You are also free to reduce or add new links you think that are not relevant.

Back to original goal. Ask yourself why you blog? What are blogging about? What the purpose of your blog? If you have a clear goal, I am sure you will reach the destination. Perhaps the blog for you just to have fun just so its inner satisfaction when your blog can be read by many people and also other missions such as the company blog to promote the stuff,  political, religion, social blog or  you blog for money? By returning to the original goal you will help the effort to continue the spirit and strong momentum that have still to ensure the blog is updated.Do you want to know what I am doing?

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General SEO

What Is Backlink and How To Build Up?

Posted By Sean Hannity

What is a Backlink? Backlink is a lopsided relationship between sites; the relationship is a name site address. A website address listed on the site B, so is vice versa. If you understand about SEO, benefits of backlink are certainly important which includes increase page rank [Google, Alexa etc], website becoming popular in search engine and increase website visitor.How does a backlink been created?

Indeed, Backlink- logically – is a reasonable benchmark to determine Google Search Engine Result Pageon a site. Because a site or sites that referred to another website, its can a foundation be used as a reference website that is relevant. Logic used by Google that the more relevant = higher Search Engine Result Page. That why many of the internet marketer race to build their website in ‘Class’. Tips to build backlink spread very much on the internet. Most of them were really useful, however, be careful how some can even kill your internet marketing business.

Backlink Experience It is the best, most qualified, most major elements of determining website with Search Engine Result Page. Other form of natural backlink is the link in the content, the link on the main website. As humanity, this is indeed appropriate humanity backlink because it’s listed as the needs of content, none exchange links or paid links. The program paid review is actually outsmarting for Google to build a natural backlink. Still need to doubt that there are penalties from Google’s for involved site on review as an efforts to preserve natural backlink.

Backlink naturally be created by itself – logically – if the content of our web useful for people / other website, so that reference is made feasible. Some site owners use the opposite way, the article is used to challenge, provoke debate, sometimes create unclear atmosphere. The goal is clear: in order to explore the popularity website which being discussed, to be linked in content other website, even though they know the content is controversial.

Backlink on Sidewide – Sidebar

This is known as a blogroll in the blogging world. Generally, it’s built on the classic way: barter. If I give natural backlink with score 5 for the Search Engine Result Page calculation, side bar backlink maybe about of 3 or even 2. Why? Yes indeed because rarely natural, the exchange is created. And its good to the website with not so good content to get create better backlink, but its seemed Google doesn’t like the website with manage with long bloggroll.

One-way Backlink

One back link: sometime other people link our site, without knowing the reason. It’s good for us as traffic will be coming from here. Logically, this type of backlink will not hurt us as the linked website.

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Blog Design or Content – Which One Is More Important?

Posted By Sean Hannity

I read through many articles related saying that content is a King. Search engines are just like a discretionary, giving status and ranking to sites that have links to their pages from related, quality sites. Search engines work through your content by indexing keywords. So, relevant keywords in the content will acquire better recognition and friendly SEO.

When internet surfers search for things, they might use the keywords that you use in content. It should appear on search engine list, the internet surfer will probably give a click to find what they looking for. A successful Search Engine Optimization is very much depending on how you use the right keywords in your blog content. Provide a good content in your blog to get better Search Engine Optimization with relevant keywords in blog content you use.

Let’s pick an example; Hannity Freedom Concert is a sharing ideas online which related to blogging, share ideas, or sharing ideas online. When the keywords tags like Hannity Freedom Concert, blogtalk, share ideas,share online or sharing ideas online as is used by internet surfers to get information related to above category, Hannity Freedom Concert should appears on top 10 search engine list. You know that most of internet surfer will click on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so and so. With all these fact, content plays a big role in SEO.

How about blog design? How does it could lead traffic to your blog? As far as I know, search engine doesn’t consider to index blog design or lay out.But please consider that people spend minutes to visit and read your article and even more than that because of blog design. Since there a lot of Internet Company who offer free customize template and theme, you still can use it. Do little bit of modification to make it more personal.

For sure, they will return for it and it’s another traffic generator to your blog.

When you have increased traffic on your blog, you should try to keep you visitors coming back and recommending your blog to friends and colleagues.This can be done by having informative or amusing content and to your blog content, you may acquire the services of a web content writer to provide you with the blog articles and also consider of good blog layout and design.

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