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What Should You Do When Feel “LAZY” Updating Blog

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What Should You Do When Feel “LAZY” Updating Blog

Posted By Sean Hannity

I, you, as a human, must have experienced “LAZY” in the spirit where we face unstable situation and declining. Sometimes the spirit can be up and down including updating the blog. Well, if you reach the level where we feel lazy updating blog below are things I usually do to avoid feeling lazy, so I still update my blog.

I know that the update blog is a requirement in order to maintain blog in order to provides latest and accurate information and provide benefits to many people, the internet users. And here you are:

Blog walking and Internet surfing. By doing this, I will get many new ideas that might be to this blog. Remember, your blog is the best ever in the world for a combination of different ideas that can be either in the form of template or content that would be unique. You may steal fantastic great ideas from other.

Upgrade and beautify blog design. I consider making any adjustment here and there to beautify blog design or template. I also need to think about the lay out or enhance the blog template as a value-added, increase exchange of links in, change the form of a letter, so it will reduce the fed and boring. Blog design is not the most important for a blog, but it does not mean that I don’t need to get my blog template look tidy and good in view.

Re-review the old posts. It is a good idea to review old post and re-read I did a bit updating if necessary. No harm. I add or reduce the content to be updated according to the development of the present so then posting will be more perfect. If you believe, I can only laugh when reading this old post again because I can compare the quality with the recent posts as the day, the better. You are also free to reduce or add new links you think that are not relevant.

Back to original goal. Ask yourself why you blog? What are blogging about? What the purpose of your blog? If you have a clear goal, I am sure you will reach the destination. Perhaps the blog for you just to have fun just so its inner satisfaction when your blog can be read by many people and also other missions such as the company blog to promote the stuff,  political, religion, social blog or  you blog for money? By returning to the original goal you will help the effort to continue the spirit and strong momentum that have still to ensure the blog is updated.Do you want to know what I am doing?

Written by Sean Hannity

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